The 3STEP Technique - Hands-on - Dr. Francesca Vailati

Full-mouth Adhesive Rehabilitation of Severely Eroded Dentitions

The course has a duration of two days and concerns the practical aspect of the 3 Step Technique of full-mouth adhesive rehabilitation of severely eroded dentitions with Dr. Francesca Vailati.

It is a very intense and clinical oriented course, which provides you tools for treating patients with eroded dentition. The concept can be applied in your clinic and ensures success in your own clinical cases. 


You will learn:

  • To fabricate palatal cmposite veneers before course starts and before knowing how to do the, correctly (it is part of the learning process). 
  • To mock-up the key.
  • To fabricate the transparent VDO key.
  • To fabricate the posterior composite restoration.
  • To fabricate your own keys in the most efficient and correct way that leads to a perfect adaption.
  • To work with two different models: An initial model of a real case and a duplication of model 1 where a waxup is done covering the occlusal surfaces and the facial aspect of the anterior teeth.
  • To fabricate the key on the model with waxup and to press composite on the other model and fabricate the posterior provisional composite restorations.
  • To analyse and evaluate different waxups of real clinical cases.
  • To evaluate whether the received lab work is acceptable or if some char-side modifications will improve it or if the palatal veneers should be sent back for remake.
  • To evaluate if the keys are clinically acceptable and optimize clinical results.


As a delegate you are sent models with instructions and you will bring these models along as part of the learning. Therefore, you must sign up latest 2 months before the course date due to delegate preparation.


During the 2-days hands-on course you will learn to perform the 3 step technique and fabricate the keys by yourself – the key is the key.



The first day is mainly theoretical. 

  • Presentation of a huge amount of clinical information.
  • Acquisition of a huge amount of clinical information.
  • Displaying clinical mistakes and know-how to prevent these.


The second day is mainly practical.

  • Examination of each step in the 3 step technique.
  • Step 1: Mock-up key fabrication.
  • Step 2: Transparent VDP key fabrication.
  • Step 2: Posterior composite restoration fabrication.
  • Step 3: Palatal veneers.
  • Discussion of the quality of veneers received from the participants’ lab technicians.
  • Evaluation of keys’ clinical acceptance.