Complete Dentistry: A Digital Update - The Lecture and The Hands-on Part

- by Dr. Ian Buckle

If you have been a former delegate of The Dawson Academy (or other occlusal oriented academies) modules this course will be an eyeopener in ways to utilize a digital workflow in order to overcome some of the time consuming procedures and get much more accuracy when doing your protocols like examination, records, splint design and treatmeant planning.

If you have struggled in past implementing the concepts and ideas this course will be a game changer and get you going.

In this combiined update course Dr Ian Buckle shows in-depth and step-by-step how he has taken the fundamental analogue protocols and procedures and brought them into the digital area and use them in his everyday practice and made his "dental life" much easier, fun and most of all even more interesting.

Beside the updated hands-on procedures and protocols, delegates will also have the opportunity to see 3D printing, milling, softwares, face scanning and much more during the course.

A networking dinner to catch up with old friends and new delegates will be held Friday evening between the course days.

Friday: The Lecture

Many dentists have been trained in a “comprehensive dentistry” workflow – comprehensive examination (and centric relation), treatment planning, approved provisional restorations, definitive restorations- but how does this relate to the digital world?

In this lecture Dr. Ian Buckle will explain and demonstrate:

  • How digital dentistry offers new and better opportunities for the complete dentistry process
  • Why you don’t need an intraoral scanner to explore the benefits of the digital world
  • How digital can enhance the complete examination
  • Why facebows and articulators are things of the past
  • Virtual mounting 4 different ways
  • How making precision splints will become a pleasure not a chore
  • Why digital enhances patient engagement and case acceptance through 2D, 3D and virtual simulations
  • How digital wax ups are quicker, easier and more informative than analogue
  • How printing and milling are changing the face (and pace) of providing predictable definitive restorations
  • How interdisciplinary planning (particularly ortho/restorative/implant) is becoming ever more predictable

Saturday: The Hands-on Part - Limited to 24 seats

This entirely hands on day will give delegates the opportunity to practice the methods described in the lecture 
Exercises will include: 

  • Scanning – Intra oral and model scanning
  • Digital bite registration 
  • How to check inter arch accuracy IMMEDIATELY
  • Virtual articulation
  • Simple smile design software
  • Digital Treatment planning – equilibration, ortho, restorative
  • How to order and utilise an additive mock up
  • The digital wax up
  • Printing and milling
  • Laboratory communication for predictable results

Delegates will have the opportunity to see printing, milling, softwares, and much more during the course plus seeing how this fits into Ian’s daily practice and integrates with the whole dental team.