Dawson Academy – Treatment Planning Module

Treatment Planning Functional Aesthetic Excellence

This course provides the participant with a programmed approach to diagnosis and treatment planning. Utilising the standardised records taught in Comprehensive Records and Examination, each dentist will learn how to visualise optimum dentistry from an aesthetic, functional, biological and structural perspective. Special emphasis will be placed on the four options of treatment (reshaping, repositioning, restoring and surgical correction), so that the correct option(s) are chosen for each patient.

Additionally, each student will learn how to segment large treatment plans, so that patients with financial issues can receive optimum care over time. The focus of the programme is to integrate a comprehensive treatment planning process into their practice. Suggestions will also be made on creating time and a place for optimum treatment planning. Finally, a consultation process will be discussed in detail, ensuring each participant will enjoy a healthy case acceptance rate.

You will learn:

  • How to establish a step-by-step process for treatment planning any restorative case, from the simplest to the most complex.
  • Why 90% of mistakes occur not during the restorative phase, but rather during the treatment planning process.
  • How to plan and visualise ideal esthetics and ideal function.
  • About the need for/value of quality records.
  • How to master all of the critical checklists used to treatment plan every case.
  • To investigate how the teeth should be positioned in space for optimum esthetics, phonetics and function.
  • How to identify specifically how to utilize the diagnostic photographs in conjunction with mounted diagnostic models to visualise an optimum course of treatment.
  • How to apply these concepts as you get to work on actual study casts.
  • How to develop an ideal, efficient and profitable treatment sequence for each case.
  • How to create a segmented treatment plan so that optimum care can be delivered over a longer period of time.
  • How to organise your schedule and create a treatment planning process within your practice.