DentaNet Symposium 2017

DentaNet Symposium is our annual event, which always attract a lot of delegates with the combination of world class speakers and the unique DentaNet networking.

DentaNet Symposium 2017 is held the 27th-28th of January where we have yet again the honour of presenting 4 inspiring speakers for 3 lectures. This year we put emphasis on interdisciplinary treatments but with direct focus on general dentist practitioners.

The whole Friday Dr. Eric Van Dooren will lecture in interdisciplinary treatments within restorative and implant dentistry. After the lecture we will network in the exhibition area with wine, drinks and snacks. Afterwards, the evening will be celebrated with a Gala and Networking Dinner, which this year will be held in the Old Stock Exchange. Saturday morning, Prof. Ross Hobson and Dr. Anoop Maini will continue with Anterior Aesthetic Orthodontics with Fixed Appliances. In the afternoon, Dr. Eduardo Mahn will walk us through how to design smiles in the dental practice. You can read more about each lecture and our networking events below.

DentaNet Symposium 2017 speakers

DentaNet Symposium 2017 speakers
DentaNet Symposium 2017 speakers

White and Pink Aesthetics in Restorative and Implant Dentistry by Dr. Eric Van Dooren

Whole Friday

Dr. Eric Van Dooren will lecture in interdisciplinary treatments within restorative and implant dentistry. The goal is to design a smile that fits the patients’ functional and emotional needs. Modern techniques and materials can be useless if the final outcome does not achieve the patients' aesthetic expectations.

Integrating white and pink aesthetics is paramount for the success of the treatment, and to make it possible teamwork becomes the key aspect.

The protocol and techniques proposed will improve the diagnosis, interdisciplinary communication and predictability of aesthetic rehabilitations.

    You will learn:

    Aesthetic Analysis: Aesthetic Diagnostic Tools and Smile Design:

    • Direct Mock-up.
    • Indirect Mock-up.
    • Diagnostic Wax-up.
    • Customized Provisional.

    Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan:

    • Dentist/Technician/Patient communication.
    • Digital Dynamic Documentation: The new video protocol for aesthetic treatment.
    • planning and communication.
    • Restorative and Laboratorial Procedures.
    • Material Selection: Implants, abutments, ceramic systems.
    • Selecting and Combining Different Restorative Modalities: Implants, crowns and veneers.

    Soft Tissue Management:

    • Around Natural Teeth.
    • Around Implants.
    • Laboratory Aspects of Soft Tissue Managing.

    Surgical Procedures Guided by the Diagnostic Wax-up.

    From Simple to Complex Cases.

    Ridge Defect Analysis: what is possible and what is unpredictable.

    New Trends in Aesthetic Implant Treatment:

    • Zirconia Implants.
    • Abutment Design.
    • Artificial Gingival Restoration: when, how and why.

    Anterior Aesthetic Orthodontics with Fixed Appliances

    Prof. Ross Hobson and Dr. Anoop Maini

    Saturday Morning

    Prof. Ross Hobson

    Can a GDP really offer fixed orthodontics? What is the view point from the specialist community?

    Ross Hobson will highlight the role GDP’s has in providing orthodontic treatments to adult patients and how they can complement their specialist colleagues. He will elaborate the risks involved with orthodontic treatment and why general dentists need to practice safely within their skill sets to ensure patient safety.  Ross will also highlight the importance of mentorship for general dentists who are inexperienced in orthodontics.

    When a dentist offers either removable or fixed orthodontics a proper orthodontic assessment prior to undertaking treatment is absolutely mandatory. Ross will then describe the orthodontic records needed and he will then explain how to carry out a full orthodontic assessment in a step by step manner and how this then helps formulate a treatment plan.


    Dr. Anoop Maini 

    This part of the lecture will outline and define the concept of Anterior Alignment Orthodontics (AAO) and how it differs from ideal orthodontics. It will illustrate how AAO is an integral part of contemporary progressive smile design with a view to delivering minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry.

    It will be shown how to deliver AAO within the IAS Academy protocols of digital treatment planning using Spacewize+ and Archwize software. 

    The lecture will explain the principles of fixed appliances and the range of 3D movements possible and offer some guidance on appropriate case selection for AAO. It will also discuss how AAO can be delivered predictably for general dentists with a systematic approach of patient specific Digital Bracket Kits to allow for the easy and precise placement of brackets using indirect bonding jigs.

    The lecture will also discuss the post treatment stability of AAO and the recommended retention protocols. Using a case example a step-by-step approach will be shown on how cases are treated.

    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017

    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017
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    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017

    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017
    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017

    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017

    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017
    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017

    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017

    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017
    Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Symposium 2017

    Designing Smiles in the Dental Practice by Dr. Eduardo Mahn

    Saturday Afternoon

    We live in an era of increasing competition in society. One of the aspects that we first show to others is our smile. Whenever we meet someone for the first time, a nice and pleasant smile can definitely make a difference. Years ago, the range of options for real aesthetic improvements were very limited. Orthodontics was limited to non-aesthetic brackets and prosthodontics was limited to PFM crowns, with the consequence of mayor tooth destruction in order to achieve the aesthetic expected results. Fortunately, science has improved fast and we see dramatic improvements in the aesthetic potential and the strength of composites, ceramics and cements, which allow us to correct mismatches and improve the smiles of our patients, sometimes without biomechanical preparations of their teeth. 

    However, the technical part is just one side of the story and most of us already know how to solve most of the challenges. Historically, in dentistry we have focused our teaching in the technical and “hard aspects” of our profession and left aside the so-called “soft aspects” of the patient relations. 

    We should never forget that most of our decisions are driven by emotions. The way we present ourselves to the patient and the experience they receive in our dental practice is of paramount importance. This issue is even more critical in cases were aesthetics plays an important role. Of course, when someone arrives to the dental practice with severe pain, the target is to relieve the pain and solve the patient´s chief complain. 

    On the contrary, when the patient´s consultation is due to aesthetic concerns the experience has to be different. We have to design a plan from the facial perspective, the mayor aspect that they care about. We have to record static smile and dynamic smile. We have to recognize the difference between the social or learned smile and the spontaneous smile and consider their differences in the treatment plan. In addition we can include the patients desires and expectations with a morpho-psychological approach. The Visagism is used in fashion, make-up and hair styling industry and is gaining popularity in our profession. As an example, it helps the clinician to establish which tooth form can match certain personalities. 

    All these aspects combined with the right knowledge of preparation rules, material science and aesthetics will help us master even the most challenging cases.


    You will learn:

    • How to diagnose simple to complex cases from the aesthetic point of view.
    • The advantages of a simplified photographic protocol.
    • How to choose the proper tooth form based on new evidence.
    • The importance and how to applied the facial analysis. 
    • New improvements on ceramic materials.
    • Cementation protocols.
    • The relevance of a value shade concept for cements.


    Friday Afternoon

    As usual there is set time aside for networking in the exhibition area after the program Friday has ended. Everybody is invited to join each other for wine, drinks and snacks.

    Galla til Dawson Academy, København 2015

    Galla til Dawson Academy, København 2015
    Galla til Dawson Academy, København 2015

    Gala and Networking Dinner

    Friday Evening

    We will celebrate Friday evening with a gala and networking dinner with a 4-course meal, wine, music, dance and fun. The dinner will be held in the Old Stock Exchange. The very acclaimed Danish chef Erwin Lauterbach will be catering for the guests and as usual we will have a great band who will raise the iconic spear of the building with its three dragontails.

    If you can play an instrument, sing or anything else, you are more than welcome to do an act. Just let us know!

    We will arrange transportation, so you do not have to worry about how to get back and forth – we will take care of you during the whole course!


    Friday the 27th of January

    08.15-09.00 Registration including light breakfast
    09.00-09.10 Welcome by Peter Lembke Gerdes, DentaNet
    09.10-10.15 Dr. Eric Van Dooren: Aesthetic Analysis - Part 1
    10.15-10.45 Break
    10.45-12.00 Aesthetic Analysis - Part 2
    12.00-13.00 Lunch
    13.00-14.15 Aesthetic Analysis - Part 3
    14.15-14.45 Break
    14.45-16.15 Aesthetic Analysis - Part 4
    16.15-16.30 The end of lectures day one
    16.30-18.00 Networking arrangement - Exhibition, drinks and snacks
    18.30-01.00 Gala and Networking Dinner

    Saturday the 28th of January

    09.00-10.15 Dr. Anoop Maini & Prof. Ross Hobson: Anterior Aesthetic Orthodontics with Fixed Appliances - Part 1
    10.15-10.45 Break
    10.45-12.00 Anterior Aesthetic Orthodontics with Fixed Appliances - Part 2
    12.00-13.00 Lunch
    13.00-14.00 Dr. Eduardo Mahn: Designing Smiles in the Dental Practice - Part 1
    14.00-14.15 Break
    14.15-15.30 Designing Smiles in the Dental Practice - Part 2
    15.30-15.45 Break
    15.45-16.45 Designing Smiles in the Dental Practice - Part 3
    16.45-17.00 End of DentaNet Symposium 2017