• A Practical Look at Contemporary Endodontic Practice

    This hands-on course will highlight the background of endodontic diseases and how successful treatment is related to predictable consistent canal shaping combined with efficient canal disinfection

    fre 14. sep 2018 - Aarhus
    fre 16. nov 2018 - Copenhagen
  • Ambassadør-effekten

    Ambassadør-effekten omhandler patienter, som videregiver deres positive tandlægeoplevelser til venner, familie og bekendte. Derfor er ambassadør-effekten den billigste og mest effektive form for markedsføring...

  • Bio-Emulation Symposium

    In a rarely occurring combination, we have managed to get no less than 7 members of The Bio-Emulation Group to speak. The Bio-Emulation Group is one of the most exquisite groups concerning tissue preservative dentistry. It will take place on Friday-Saturday 7-8 September 2018.

    fre 7. sep 2018 til lør 8. sep 2018
    - Oslo
  • Core knowledge about removable and fixed orthodontics

    1 day course: 09.00-17.00

    fre 28. sep 2018 - Oslo
  • Cracks, the New Threat or just Old Sores? - Dr. Stephane Browet

    The course “Cracks, the New Threat or just Old Sores?” is divided into two sessions: A theory course held Friday and a ½ day hands-on course held twice Saturday - one in the morning and one in the

    fre 23. nov 2018 til lør 24. nov 2018
    - Oslo
  • Creating the High-Performance Practice

    When transitioning to a high-performance practice, one of the greatest challenges is the creation of an organized process from the time a patient first calls the practice to the delivery of optimum

    fre 2. nov 2018 til lør 3. nov 2018
    - Copenhagen
  • Dawson Academy – Treatment Planning Module

    This course provides the participant with a programmed approach to diagnosis and treatment planning.

    fre 24. aug 2018 til lør 25. aug 2018
    - Stockholm
  • DentaNet Symposium 2019

    DentaNet Symposium is our annual event, which always attracts a lot of delegates with the combination of world class speakers and the unique DentaNet networking.

    fre 1. feb 2019 til lør 2. feb 2019
    - Copenhagen
  • Direct Resin Restorations in the Anterior Dentition - Dr. Jason Smithson

    We have the pleasure of Dr. Jason Smithson the 9th and 10th of November 2018. There will be a whole day of theory Friday and two different hands-on courses Saturday.

    fre 9. nov 2018 til lør 10. nov 2018
    - Reykjavik
  • Effektiv Patientkommunikation

    Hvordan kommunikerer I med jeres patienter? Formår I at berolige patienten og skabe tillid gennem jeres kommunikation? 

  • Fortandsplast - Hands-on - Flemming Brandt

    Hands-on-kurset tager udgangspunkt i at genskabe tænderne, som de ser ud fra naturens side. Formålet er derfor ikke at skabe flotte, hvide tænder, men i stedet at lave naturtro restaureringer.

    fre 21. sep 2018 - København
  • Hvilken behandling vil du foreslå?

    Kveldskurs: 16.30-21.00

    tir 6. nov 2018 - Oslo
  • Hypnose i Tandlægepraksis

    Mange patienter (>40%) er nervøse, lider af tandlægeskræk eller angst. Måden, der kommunikeres på, kan dæmpe eller forstærke denne nervøsitet.

  • IAS Align, Bleach and Bond

    Level 1: Theory and hands-on

    fre 19. okt 2018 til lør 20. okt 2018
    - Oslo
  • IAS ClearSmile Aligner - Hands-on Certification Course

    Get certified in IAS Academy's transparent aligners, ClearSmile Aligner, used to correct malpositioned teeth. 

  • IAS ClearSmile Brace - Hands-on Certification Course

    Level 1: Theory and hands-on


    fre 26. okt 2018 til lør 27. okt 2018
    - Copenhagen
    fre 16. nov 2018 til lør 17. nov 2018
    - Oslo
  • IAS ClearSmile Inman Aligner - Hands-on Certification Course

    Get certified in the revolutionary ClearSmile Inman Aligner that can move teeth in the anterior region predictable and quickly using a single appliance.

    fre 31. aug 2018 - Oslo
    fre 31. aug 2018 - København
    tor 15. nov 2018 - Stockholm
    fre 16. nov 2018 - Stockholm
  • IAS Ortho Restorative - Hands-on Course

    Orthodontics is one thing, understanding where to place and restore teeth for occlusion, function, and better aesthetics is another.

    fre 2. nov 2018 - Copenhagen
  • Introduction to Lasers in Dentistry

    Lasers are changing the dental industry radically for dental practitioners and patients.

    tir 11. sep 2018 - Copenhagen
    tor 13. sep 2018 - Oslo
    tir 6. nov 2018 - Copenhagen
    tor 8. nov 2018 - Oslo
  • Kindtandsplast - Hands-on - Flemming Brandt

    På dette hands-on-kursus fylder vi ”værktøjskassen” op med relevante hjælpemidler, metoder og teknikker.

    fre 1. jun 2018 - Aarhus
    fre 2. nov 2018 - København
  • Lasers in Dentistry - 1 Day Hands-on Course

    Discover the very wide range of clinical procedures that can benefit from oral laser applications. The management of infection, inflammation, pain control and optimal tissue responses to surgery po

    fre 28. sep 2018 - Copenhagen
    fre 26. okt 2018 - Oslo
  • Lettere reparationer med plast for tandplejere

    Hvorfor et plastkursus til tandplejere?

    fre 23. nov 2018 - Nyborg
  • Minimal Invasion for Maximum Success - Dr. Ian Buckle & Dr. Dipesh Parmar

    Traditionally full mouth rehabilitation has involved invasive treatment protocols often utilising full coverage crowns. This can be destructive of tooth substance, expensive for the patient and when it fails it can fail with disastrous consequences. It will take place on Friday-Saturday 8-9 June 2018.

    fre 8. jun 2018 til lør 9. jun 2018
    - Oslo
  • Rubberdam Hands-on Course - Dr. Stephane Browet

    Since its introduction in 1864 the presumed use of rubberdam in multiple dental procedures has increased. Nevertheless, in daily practice the usage is not as widely spread as one would expect.

    lør 2. jun 2018 - Kastrup (Copenhagen)
  • Tandrensning for klinikassistenter



    fre 7. sep 2018 - Frederiksberg
    fre 26. okt 2018 - Frederiksberg
  • The Digital Journey

    "3Shape - The Digital Journey" is a 2 day course, which is held 1-2 June 2018. It is exclusively for the Nordic 3Shape TRIOS Community. Through the two days, you will learn about:

    fre 1. jun 2018 til lør 2. jun 2018
    - Kastrup (Copenhagen)
  • Workshop i dental fotografering

    På workshoppen vil I lære det basale indenfor dental fotografering, så jeres klinik kommer godt i gang med kliniske fotos.