Managing the Worn Dentition - Dr. Ian Buckle

Our patient’s dental needs are changing – as they keep their teeth longer, some dentitions are simply wearing out. Add to that a generation that has been “drilled and filled” and we have a difficult problem to solve. Wear, erosion, tooth surface loss, “occlusal disease” – whatever the cause or however we choose to describe it - we must learn to diagnose and treat it in the same way we have learnt to evaluate traditional dental disease.

A comprehensive assessment and careful analysis of the records we collect will allow us to make a great diagnosis which in turn helps us to design a comprehensive treatment plan that will address occlusal, aesthetic and biologic needs along with the correct material selection will be essential to the successful restorative practice. This will allow more treatment to be carried out with longer-lasting, more predictable results.

Happier patients and less stress all round!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Concept of Complete Dentistry
  • The four steps to Predictable, Beautiful, Long Lasting restorations
  • Understand how to design a stable, minimal stress occlusion
  • Understand the balance between function and aesthetics, biology and structure
  • Understand the key components of a complete examination
  • Evaluate health vs disease, function vs dysfunction
  • Recognize how the joints, muscles and teeth are designed to work together in anatomic and functional harmony
  • Determine how to use digital photography along with mounted diagnostic casts to visualise optimum dentistry
  • Develop a logical systematic approach to treatment planning