Restoring posterior teeth – A comprehensive approach – Dr. Jason Smithson

We have the pleasure of Dr. Jason Smithson in November 2019. There will be a whole day of theory Friday and two different hands-on courses Saturday.


Whole day theory course

Day 1: Restoring posterior teeth – A comprehensive approach

When dismantling and restoring broken down posterior teeth, have you ever considered:

  • Should I do this indirect or can I get away with direct?
  • Is cuspal coverage necessary?
  • What material should I use- composite resin or ceramic?
  • Would an indirect onlay be more conservative or should I use a full crown?

These and many other similar questions go through the mind of the busy general practitioner many times every day. This comprehensive, evidence-based class offers clear, easily understandable protocols to simplify the decision-making process and compliments this with end-to-end workflows to rapidly restore posterior teeth with direct and indirect composite resin, ceramic onlays and crowns.

Day 1: Theoretical lecture

You will learn:

  • When direct posterior composite resins are predictable and when they are not.
  • Modern concepts of caries diagnosis and management: when to intervene and when to monitor and implement a preventative program.
  • Biomechanics – The “Peripheral Rim Theory” and the importance of Rainey’s Ridge and Web in preparation design. Minimally invasive cavity preparations. Why preservation of tooth structure is critical to long-term success. Marginal ridge preservation and tunnel preps.
  • Preparation design and a protocol to reduce the risk of voids, bond failure and sensitivity.
  • Discussion of a direct stratification technique using simplified instrumentation to achieve lifelike resin restorations, which require minimal finishing.
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing and Gingival Margin Elevation: new concepts for the 21st century.
  • Preparation designs and instrumentation for partial coverage adhesive restorations.
  • Horizontal vs. vertical- which approach is best for full crowns and when.
  • Instrumentation – an armamentarium to optimize your workflow.
  • Tissue management and provisionalisation– not just a “temporary”.

And much, much more

2 x 1/2 day hands-on course

Day 2: Restore 4 teeth

The classes are intended to be informal with questions taken “on the hoof” throughout the day. Dr Smithson demonstrates each case in its entirety via overhead projection: the participants then have the opportunity to ask questions before completing the exercise themselves with close support from Jason.

Day 2: Hands-on – Morning


The class 1 direct resin restoration.

The class 2 direct resin restoration.


Day 2: Hands-on – Afternoon


Partial Coverage Onlay with IDS and Margin Elevation (Molar)

Prepare an upper molar for a crown with vertical margins.