Dr. Lucas Zago Naves

Dr. Lucas Zago Naves graduated in Dentistry at the Federal University of Uberlândia in 2006. As an undergraduate, he was involved with several scientific studies and has to date published numerous papers in recognized scientific journals like Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Dentistry, Archives of Oral Biology, Microscopy Research, and Technique among others. In 2007, he started his Master’s degree at State University of Campinas (FOP-UNICAMP), one of the centers of excellence in dental science in Brazil. In 2009, he joined the PhD course, completed it in 2011, and immediately after enrolled as a postdoctoral and fellow researcher at the same institution. In the period 2011-2013, he became a resident in Prosthodontics and eventually received the title of specialist. Nowadays, Lucas Naves has a private office dedicated to biomimetic and minimal invasive dentistry at his hometown, Uberlândia, Brazil. Lucas is also a professor at Pitagoras University at Uberlândia where he teaches Dental Morphology and Dental Histology. Lucas is also a Bio_Emulation member and works in worldwide collaboration with clinicians, researchers, and dental technicians.



  • Bio-Emulation Symposium

    Tissue preservative dentistry in a league of its own In a rarely occurring combination, we have managed to get no less than 7 members of The Bio-Emulation Group to speak in Oslo. The event will...


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