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Fri 11. Aug 2017

Welcome to our new web page

It's finally here! We have spent the last year on developing and optimizing our web page. Besides from the new design, the web page contains several functions which will benefit you in many ways. You will e.g. have your own user account where you can see your course registrations, download articles, and upload your own notes for each course.

Your personal user account

You need an account on our new web page to register for our courses – and with good reason. You will get your own user account where you can see your course registrations and a lot more.

On your user account, you will get a specific folder under each course where you can download relevant articles and course materials before and after the course. Furthermore, you can upload your own course notes and pictures, so you can collect all your course notes in one place.


You have the following options on your user account:

  • Under “Personal data”, you can change your personal data such as user name, e-mail, mobile number, and password.
  • Under “My clinic”, you can change the information about the clinic you are employed by. You can change the name, address, invoice mail, phone number, and mail of the clinic. If you switch to another clinic, you can still access your account. You simply have to change the clinic information so it is consistent with the new clinic.
  • Under “My courses”, you can see your future and previous course registrations. Here, you can download relevant articles and course materials as well as upload your own course notes.
  • Under “My preferences”, you can change your interests and preferences.


If you have registered for one of our courses before, we have already created a user account for you and imported most of your course data. This means that you even now can log in to your user account and see your future and previous course registrations. We have sent you a letter with your login information, which you of course can edit after your first log-in on the site. If you have not received your log-in or have any questions, please contact us at

If you have not registered for one of our courses before, you will automatically get a user account when you register for your first course on the site. Whether you are a member or not does not influence your user account. Members of DentaNet as well as non-members have access to their course registrations, download of materials, and upload of their own course notes.

Other elements on the web page


On our new web page, you will get an overview of our courses. You have the possibility to search for a specific course and/or choose a category: Hands-on, 2 days, evening, workshop, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental technicians. The registration procedure has likewise become easier and you have the possibility to register a colleague with you on the smaller courses.

HR services

Under ”HR services”, you can read more about our services and workshops about HR and communication, which we offer in collaboration with Chris Grew. We call it “DentaNet’s HR and Communication Packages”, which are divided into five different themes: patient communication, patients as ambassadors, hypnosis as a tool, the team, and management. Chris Grew will help you customize the “DentaNet’s HR and Communication Package” of the clinic, for you to get the most optimal and personal profit. You can read more about our HR services here.


In the network, we focus on minimizing the costs and the administrative work loads through beneficial collaboration agreements with our strong collaborative partners. You already have or will meet a lot of these collaborative partners on our courses, where they are either exhibitors or contribute to the course in another way. Read more about our collaborative partners, which benefits of membership they each have to offer, and which employees you will meet.


Under “News”, you can continuously stay updated on exciting news, courses, and read various articles about products, methods, and techniques.

About DentaNet

You can of course also read about DentaNetwho we are, what we do, and all the other things we have to offer besides from our courses.