• Bio-Emulation Symposium 2021

    In a rarely occurring combination, we have managed to get no less than 7 members of The Bio-Emulation Group to speak. The Bio-Emulation Group is one of the most exquisite groups concerning tissue preservative dentistry. It will take place on Friday-Saturday 15th-16th of May in Oslo, Norway.

    Fri 30. Apr 2021 to Sat 1. May 2021
    - Oslo (Gardemoen Airport)
  • Bondet Protetikk Hands-on

    Å erstatte store mengder tannsubstans som har gått tapt pga traume, bruksime, anoreksi/bulimi eller karies stiller terapeuten overfor et praktisk og et etisk problem: Hvor mye mer tannsubstans må f

    Thu 18. Mar 2021 - Oslo
    Fri 19. Mar 2021 - Oslo
    Fri 16. Apr 2021 - Oslo
  • DentaNet Dagen 2021 - Norge

    OBS: DentaNet Dagen ligger nu fredag 12. mars i Oslo i stedet for de avlyste i 2020 på grunn av Corona.

    Fri 12. Mar 2021 - Oslo (Gardemoen Airport)
  • Digital Dental Monitorering - Hands-on

    På dette Hands-on kursus vil du lære:

    Fri 5. Mar 2021 - Aarhus
    Fri 23. Apr 2021 - Copenhagen V
    Fri 21. May 2021 - Aarhus
    Fri 4. Jun 2021 - Copenhagen V
  • Effective Patient Communication

    How do you communicate with your patients? Do you manage to calm the patient down and build trust through your communication?

  • Essential orthodontic principles for dentists offering removable and fixed appliances

    This course is for the general dentist who wants to learn the essential orthodontic principles for removable and fixed orthodontics. Whether you have no or some experience with orthodontics, you are welcome.

    Fri 9. Apr 2021 - Copenhagen V
  • Fortandsplast: Farvevalg og farveoptimering med plast - Hands-on

    Hands-on-kurset tager udgangspunkt i at genskabe tænderne, som de ser ud fra naturens side. Formålet er derfor ikke at skabe flotte, hvide tænder, men i stedet at lave naturtro restaureringer.

    Fri 5. Mar 2021 - Nyborg
  • Hypnosis in the Dental Practice

    A lot of patients (>40%) are nervous or suffer from fear of dentists or anxiety. The manner of communication can reduce or increase this anxiety.

  • IAS Fixed Brace Certification Course - Hands-on

    Get certified to correct malpositioned teeth with fixed appliances, ClearSmile Brace, and with the removable, transparant aligners: ClearSmile Aligner Light.

  • IAS Ortho Restorative - Hands-on Course

    Orthodontics is one thing, understanding where to place and restore teeth for occlusion, function, and better aesthetics is another.

    Fri 24. Sep 2021 - Copenhagen (Kastrup)
  • Isolation (Rubberdam) Hands-On Course - Dr. Stephane Browet

    Since its introduction in 1864 the presumed use of rubberdam in multiple dental procedures has increased. Nevertheless, in daily practice the usage is not as widely spread as one would expect.

    Fri 26. Feb 2021 - Copenhagen (Kastrup)
    Sat 13. Mar 2021 - Oslo (Gardemoen Airport)
    Fri 10. Sep 2021 - Copenhagen V
    Fri 29. Oct 2021 - Oslo (Gardemoen Airport)
  • Jason Smithson: Direct Resin Artistry in the Posterior and Anterior Dentition

  • Lettere reparationer med plast for tandplejere- Hands-on

    Kursets formål er at give tandplejerne en almen forståelse for materialet og anvendelse af de enkelte komponenter i kompositbehandlingen.

    Fri 26. Feb 2021 - Nyborg
  • Minimal Invasive Anterior (and posterior) Single Tooth Replacement - Hands-on - Prof. M. Kern

    This hands-on covers in depth the essential knowledge on the successful clinical application of minimal invasive all-ceramic RBFDPs which in many cases present an excellent and less costly treatmen

    Fri 26. Mar 2021 - Aarhus
    Fri 17. Sep 2021 - Copenhagen V
    Fri 8. Oct 2021 - Oslo (Gardemoen Airport)
  • Prof. Didier Dietschi - Interceptive treatment of tooth wear using no-prep & ultra-conservative adhesive techniques

    We are very fortunate to have secured a full day with the internally renowned Prof. Didier Dietschi. With a close friendship to Dr.

  • The Ambassador Effect

    The ambassador effect is about patients who pass on their positive experiences at the dentist to friends, family, and acquaintances. The ambassador effect is the cheapest and most effective kind of marketing...

  • Workshop i dental fotografering

    På workshoppen vil I lære det basale indenfor dental fotografering, så jeres klinik kommer godt i gang med kliniske fotos.