Effective Patient Communication

How do you communicate with your patients? Do you manage to calm the patient down and build trust through your communication?

DentaNet's patient analyses show that patients attach great importance to trust in the professional competencies as well as personal qualities of the dentist. On this workshop you will learn how to build trust throigh your patient communication - non-verbal as well as verbal communication - in all phases of a visit to the dentist, as trust is the foundation of a mutual collaboration between the patient and the team.

If the trust is present from the beginning, and maintained and increased during the coruse of treatment, you will accomplish a far more effective patient communication. The patient is more receptive to input and solutions for their set of teeth, and agreement is reached through an open and constructive communication. The treatment will be a lot quicker and easier while the patient simultaneously gets a better experience and relaxes in the process. It is easier to destroy trust than it is to build it, and it is hence important to make use of the correct tools to create an effective patient communication.


On the workshop you will learn:

  • To communicate effectively and inspire confidence with the patient.
  • The foundation of trust and that everyone can build trust.
  • To establish contact, trust, and safety.
  • To maintain and improve the trust from the patient.
  • To extend the trust of the patients onto the rest of the team.
  • To avoid unconsciously ruining the trust of the patient.

Patient Communication, trust

Patient Communication, trust
Extract from a patient analysis from 2012

Patient Communication, trust

Patient Communication, trust
Extract from a patient analysis from 2010

Customize your own course

DentaNet's HR and Communication Packages are a selection of workshops and services which focus on the team, the flow of work, management, and internal as well as external communication. The different workshops and services can be used separately and/or in connection with each other. You customize your own course with the assistance of Chris Grew so it matches your wishes and needs. Every workshop and service becomes further adjusted to your specific wishes and needs so situations become realistic and relevant in relation to your problems.

Many have combined the workshop and the service "dos and don'ts". Here, Chris comes to the clinic and observes how you associate with your patients at the clinic - both before, during, and after treatment. You can read more here.

Recommendations from other clinics

It is incredible how much behaviour and attitude have to do with communication! Very educational and inspiring course, which I belive everyone should try!

Susan, dental nurse at Tandlægerne i Lyngby

Practical Information

Everything takes place at your own clinic

The different workshops and services are held at your own clinic in order for exercises and situations to take place in usual and comfortable settings and hence become as relevant and true as possible. The entire staff is involved in the different workshops and services in order for everyone to get an idea of the concepts and principles. This creates a better implementation of the new initiatives and change of habits in the flow of work at the clinic. To obtain the best learning there will be alternated between classes, exercises. cases. dialogue, and reflection. Every team member actively participates during the process for you to gain a high level of skills and be ready to apply your new knowledge directly in your practice.

Date and time

You decide the date and time - even if it is after opening hours. Dependent on the size of the team as well as the needs and wishes, the length of the different workshops and services varies.


As a member of DentaNet, you get a 10% discount. It is possible to combine several workshops and services as well as to order them as a package deal. The price depends on the number of delegates as it has an influence on preparation time, teaching, follow-up, exercises, and materials. You are always welcome to have a non binding conversation with Chris Grew and get an estimate of price.


If you wish to book Chris Grew for a non binding conversation, workshops, services, consultancy advice, or speeches, simply contact Peter Lembke Gerdes on pg@dentanet.dk.