Charlotte Nyby

Charlotte Nyby is the lead trainer in Denmark and teaches the course in Danish. Charlotte manages the Danish Online Support Forum and lectures minor Inman Aligner-related workshops in Denmark.


  • IAS ClearSmile Inman Aligner - Hands-on Certification Course

    Level 1: Theory and hands-on   ClearSmile Inman Aligner Over 10000 dentists have been certified to use the revolutionary Inman Aligner that can move teeth in the anterior region...
  • IAS Inman Aligner - Implementing Course

    Inman Aligner Implementeringskurset fokuserer på de første simple cases i tidenlige efter certificeringskurset. Kurset henvender sig til certificerede Inman Aligner brugere, der gerne vil have en...
  • NDH


    New Holistic Dentistry Conference II

    Charlotte Nyby har nu sin anden konference klar inden for New Holistic Dentistry. Vi har sidens sidst oplevet, at folk, der ikke deltog, studser lidt over, hvad der menes med ordet “...


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