Dental technician Sascha Hein

Dental technician Sascha Hein commenced his training in dental technology in Germany where he graduated in 1997. Subsequently, he worked in several dental laboratories in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. In 2001, he completed further studies in dental ceramics under Masahiro Kuwata in Tokyo, Japan. In 2004/2005, he attended Master School in Freiburg, Germany where he graduated top of his school and won silver in the annual Kanter Award Competition which awards Germany’s top three Master students. In 2007, Sascha Hein was inducted into the international Oral Design group by founder Willi Geller. Since 2011, he has served as an editorial board member of the German Quintessence of Dental Technology. In 2012, he was inducted into the Bio-Emulation group under which he conducted independent research, which lead to the development of the visual_eyes liquid and the fluor_eyes flash system for fluorescent dental photography. He lectures internationally and has authored numerous publications, including the 2009 and 2011 QDT Yearbook. After spending twelve years in Perth Western Australia, Sascha Hein returned to Freiburg, Germany where he now lives and works.



  • Bio-Emulation Symposium

    Tissue preservative dentistry in a league of its own In a rarely occurring combination, we have managed to get no less than 7 members of The Bio-Emulation Group to speak in Oslo. The event will...


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