Hypnosis as a tool

Hypnosis is far more than deep trances and phobias. Hypnosis is an effective tool which can be used in all kinds of examinations and treatments. It is all about creating the right environment and applying the correct linguistic preconditions, which to a wide extent will support the patients in getting the best experience possible. Mild hypnosis creates an even better experience for patients by making them relax, being accommodating, and communicating on a level with the patient. Many patients are more or less nervous, suffer from fear of dentists, and anxiety, and they can be hard to spot. Hypnosis is an effective tool when patients need to be calmed down as hypnosis lets the patient settle down completely, relax, and fall into a light trance for a few minutes. During the hypnotic conditions, the patient is conscious all along and as a dentist you are not performing therapy treatment or "influencing the subconsciousness".

Your way of communicating can either in- or decrease the nervousness, and for that reason your welcome of and communication with the patient carry a considerable weight in relation to how the visit will be carried out. This will greatly support your patients in getting the best experience possible.

Through mild hypnosis in the dental treatment, you can most often suppress the fear, but patients with severe fear of dentists and concrete anxiety or a phobia can require further help. The patient can get this help through the service "External hypnotherapy" or the dentist package "Relax at the dentist".


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which a person is in trance. We can effortlessly go in and out of the hypnotic state and most people experience it on a daily basis in different everyday situations. All kinds of hypnosis is self-hypnosis, i.e. the person himself creates and ends the trance. A hypnotherapist is hence just leading the person in the right direction while the person at other times will lead himself into the hypnotic state.

Source: "Hypnoseterapeutens håndbog" by Chris Grew

Hypnosis in the Dental Practice

Through hypnotic tools, you can make the patient relax in 2-3 minutes so no extra time is spent in the chair with the use of mild hypnosis - on the contrary, mild hypnosis helps you reduce the number of cancellations, empty chairs, and use of unecessary resources. On the workshop "Hypnosis in the Dental Practice", you will learn about fundamental hypnotherapy and how to create the right setting as well as linguistic preconditions to create a comfortable experience for the patients.

External Hypnotherapy

If you have a patient with severe fear of dentists, anxiety, or phobia whom you find hard to treat, Chris can help you handle the anxiety of the patient. The patient will at first get a session in his own home or somewhere else than at the clinic, where Chris will process the initial anxiety for the visist through regression therapy. Subsequently, Chris will go along to the clinic and assist so the patient is relaxed during the visit. This is a way to help a patient who would have been highly likely to cancel instead. Aside from the improved patient satisfaction, it is also an economically well-run business as the service is directly billed to the patient through the clinic.

The treatment with Chris: I have never tried hypnosis before, so I was very excited when I went to the first treatment with Chris. Before our first meeting, I had listened to two audio files Chris had sent me. The treatment itself consists of hypnosis where Chris guides you to a state of mind of great peace.

The treatment with the dentist: On the day of the root treatment, I met with Chris about 15 minutes before the treatment start. He talked and got me into a relatively calm state. During the treatment, he sat next to me and guided me (to my safe space). Even though I got a rapid heartbeat a few times during the treatment, I managed to get back into the "hypnosis" state without any problems and avoided panicking. Moreover, I got through the treatment without the use of drugs. After the treatment, my dentist told me that she had experienced me as calm rather than tense which is what I normally am.

Annette Elving, Patient.

I can strongly recommend hypnosis with Chris Grew for fear of dentists. Chris is kind and has a natural authority, a professionalism, and an empathy which made me feel completely safe about the hypnosis. Through hypnosis, I got empowerment – I took back control and I became happy. I benefitted greatly from it and have done so ever since.

For me, hypnosis is a mild, effective, and very comfortable kind of therapy, and because Chris Grew in advance has recorded an audio file to listen to a few times before the first session, I was well-prepared and mentally ready for changes to happen.

Tove Knudsen, Patient.

The Dentist Package: "Relax at the Dentist"

The Dentist Package is applies for patients who suffer from fear of dentists, anxiety, or are nervous. The package contains five audio files that help the patient relax at the dental visit. Hypnosis is used to create the necessary changes for the patient to be able to relax at the dentist in the future. Chris has recorded 5 audio files which contains an inroduction to the package and hypnosis, therapeutic hypnosis as well as during and after the visit. Through the use of the audio files, better experiences for the patient can be created as they learn how to process their nervousness, fear, and anxiety. You can read more about The Dentist Package on www.slapafhostandlaegen.dk.

Practical Information

Everything takes place at your own clinic

The different workshops and services are held at your own clinic in order for exercises and situations to take place in usual and comfortable settings and hence become as relevant and true as possible. The entire staff is involved in the different workshops and services in order for everyone to get an idea of the concepts and principles. This creates a better implementation of the new initiatives and change of habits in the flow of work at the clinic. To obtain the best learning there will be alternated between classes, exercises. cases. dialogue, and reflection. Every team member actively participates during the process for you to gain a high level of skills and be ready to apply your new knowledge directly in your practice.


Date and time

You decide the date and time - even if it is after opening hours. Dependent on the size of the team as well as the needs and wishes, the length of the different workshops and services varies.



As a member of DentaNet, you get a 10% discount. It is possible to combine several workshops and services as well as to order them as a package deal. The price depends on the number of delegates as it has an influence on preparation time, teaching, follow-up, exercises, and materials. You are always welcome to have a non binding conversation with Chris Grew and get an estimate of price.



If you wish to book Chris Grew for a non binding conversation, workshops, services, consultancy advice, or speeches, simply contact Peter Lembke Gerdes on pg@dentanet.dk.