All managers are different. We have different personalities with each our way of anchoring. Therefore, it is important to create your own personal kind of leadership. Limbic Leadership takes a starting point in your personality so you develop your own personal style of leadership.

Management also involves the development of strategies which guide the clinic's future development as well as preparing the employees for changes. If the employees do not understand the change it can easily fail. Running a clinic is to a great extent about managing the staff and creating the right setting for a good work environment so the employees keep up their motivation and job satisfaction.

Limbic Leadership

Most dentists have a great management responsibility, and it is therefore most often here the big challenges in the daily operations are found - regardless of how profesionally talented you are at making teeth. Enamel is one of the hardest materials in the body; many might believe that the brain is a lot tougher to break through.

If you have been on leadership courses, you have probably experienced that the tools feel unnatural to you, but functioned as an aha experience for a co-participant. The reason is that you naturally have different personalities with each their own way of anchoring.

The starting point is hence your own person and personality alone, and during the course you will process your surroundings, behaviour, abilities, values, identity, and vision. Chris can thus help you manage your clinic by finding your own personal style of leadership.

Limbic Leadership is a development model and a complete process for developing and anchoring your own personal ledership abilities. It is about exploiting the unconscious mentality to create your own personal style of leadership in all aspects of life. Chris will help you work with your individual presentation and your competencies as a leader.

Chris has developed the model and the process which he has also described and published in his book "Limbisk Lederskab" (Limbic Leadership). Limbic Leadership is a longer process where you take part in a small exclusive group (max. 6 participants).

Chris will lead the entire group through the process and you will both individually and jointly work with limbic leadership concepts and principles. The process consists of 8 modules of  approximately 3 hours spread over 2-3 three-month periods.

You will get the book "Limbic Lederskab" (Limbic Leadership) which will be the centre of the entire course. Along the way you will get more forms, audio files, and materials after each module. After the course has ended, you will receive a participation certificate.

During the course, you will learn a lot about yourself as well as develop and anchor your leadership. Furthermore, you will get personal sparring practice and exchange of experience during the whole process.


Who are you as a leader? What do you want as a leader? How do you become a better leader? Managing a clinic is not just about supplementary education, but it is also to a great extent about managing the staff in a way that preserves their motivation and job satisfaction. If you can do so effetively, the clinic has a lot to gain on a daily basis. Chris offers individual coaching for you as a leader for you to develop and optimise your leadership abilities. You can change and improve the way to think and act through coaching to create a good work environment and the right results. Chris will help you define you goals, stay motivated, and succeed in your own personal development so you can reach your goals in the best way possible.


Chris will help you compose a forward-looking and long-term strategy for the clinic. A strategy helps you plan and execute a number of relevant activities which create competitive advantages for the clinic. A strategy leads the way for how to achieve of the objectives of the clinic so you can continue to develop and generate value.

Change Management

Should you implement ISO? Should you reverse larger tasks? Will you change your approach to treatment? Should you introduce permanent patient interviews? Changes can appear in all shapes and disguises.

Prepare your employees for great changes and create understanding of the need for this. Regardless of the underlying reason, a change in routines and habits is something that is generally disliked and opposed. This can often mean that an initiative in the end falls flat – no matter how important, right, or profitable the initiative is. It is therefore important to understand, listen to, and include the team before, during, and after a change, as changes influence their flow of work. It is hence important to prepare them for the changes to preserve the engagement and motivation of the employees.

Practical Information

Everything takes place at your own clinic

The different workshops and services are held at your own clinic in order for exercises and situations to take place in usual and comfortable settings and hence become as relevant and true as possible. The entire staff is involved in the different workshops and services in order for everyone to get an idea of the concepts and principles. This creates a better implementation of the new initiatives and change of habits in the flow of work at the clinic. To obtain the best learning there will be alternated between classes, exercises. cases. dialogue, and reflection. Every team member actively participates during the process for you to gain a high level of skills and be ready to apply your new knowledge directly in your practice.

Date and time

You decide the date and time - even if it is after opening hours. Dependent on the size of the team as well as the needs and wishes, the length of the different workshops and services varies.


As a member of DentaNet, you get a 10% discount. It is possible to combine several workshops and services as well as to order them as a package deal. The price depends on the number of delegates as it has an influence on preparation time, teaching, follow-up, exercises, and materials. You are always welcome to have a non binding conversation with Chris Grew and get an estimate of price.


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