Who are we?

Today, DentaNet is a strong professional, and not least indepdendent network consiting of more than 1,100 dentists distributed over more then 500 clinics in the North. We want to help dentists and their teams acquire new knowledge within the minimally invasive and cosmetic dental care. Through further education and exchange of experience via the network, we contribute to a better dental care in which we all help each other make the patients even happier. In the end, our mission is to help dentist save time, money, and energy which can be spent on the patients instead.

At DentaNet, our work is based on the following core values:

  • Trust
  • Further education
  • Effectiveness
  • Fun

The network is all about demonstrating trust and openness and through that creating better possibilities for continuous further education and development of professional competencies. We believe that if dentists want to be able to offer the optimal treatment for their patients, they have to constantly keep up and stay updated on what is new in the dentistry. Our goal is for the members to save time, money, and energy which can be spent on treatment of patients or further education instead.

Networking and social interaction

Our courses and events reflect high professional standards and quality, but the social interaction and cozy atmosphere are also important aspects of the network. We believe that the best learning takes place in a network like this - and highly support the sparring practice between both dentist colleagues and collaborators - where vi are having fun and feel like a "dentist family". Through the building of relations and sharing of experiences, we are contributing to a better dental care which in the end will benefit the patients.

Our network is often called the "DentaNet Family" because of our informal tone and cozy atmosphere, which many new members sense early on. We find it important to get to know each other - if you want to, of course - and there is always a possibility to network at our courses and events.

Networking at the courses

Networking at the courses
Networking at the courses

Networking at the courses

Networking at the courses
Networking at the courses

The story about DentaNet

DentaNet was founded in 2006 by the present manager, Peter Lembke Gerdes, along with several family members and many of their friends. It is not strange that Peter ended up in the dentistry business with a mother, a sister, and several uncles who are all educated dentists. Ever since his childhood, the sound of rotors, aspiration, and a smell of dentist have been a part of Peter's daily life – even when personnel, courses, challenges, and possibilities were discussed over dinner.

DentaNet started as an idea on the drawing board and was helped along by Peter's master's thesis on the economical studies at the University of Copenhagen. A lot has happened since then. We have expanded from Denmark to the entire North – and we are eventually getting more and more members outside of the North. All of this is owing to out members' input and feedback from which ideas become reality in the shape of highly professional further education.