Dr. Jorge Perez

Dr. Jorge Perez obtained his Dental Surgeon Degree in Mexico City where he developed his love for orthodontics working with the Latinoamericana University Orthodontic Department before moving to the UK. He has advised and trained over 1.000 practitioners and developed more than 35.000 clear aligner treatment plans for one of the world’s leading clear aligner systems. Dr. Perez is a pioneer in the clear aligner field and was instrumental in the improvement of Invisalign’s clinical protocols during his tenure there as clinical specialist. 

Recognizing the opportunities to further improve the clear aligner field, Dr. Perez founded ClearOrthoPlanning, an advisory and training service that helps dental practitioners get the best results for their patients from clear aligner treatments. Dr. Perez is also a board member of IAS Laboratories where he is responsible for the biomechanical development of the appliance. In 2015, Dr. Perez joined IAS Academy as the Clear Aligner 2.0 clinical director where he is chiefly responsible for training and advising dental practitioners to ensure they get the best results for their patients from any Clear Aligner 2.0 treatment.


  • IAS ClearSmile Aligner - Hands-on Certification Course

    Developed by Dr. Jorge Perez, ClearSmile Aligner 2.0 system is a series of transparent aligners used to correct malpositioned teeth. Manufactured from an exclusive stretch-resistant, intelligent...


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