• ons 24. jan 2018

    Bio-Emulation Symposium

    In a rarely occurring combination, we have managed to get no less than 7 members of The Bio-Emulation Group to speak. The Bio-Emulation Group is one of the most exquisite groups concerning tissue preservative dentistry.

  • ons 22. nov 2017

    Ny dentalfestival slår dørene op i 2018

    Inspirerende kurser, messe og et stort anlagt awardshow samlet i én pakke den 6.-7. april 2018 i Messe C, Fredericia. Tag dine kollegaer under armen og gå på opdagelse i festivalens mange muligheder.

  • tis 14. Mar 2017

    DentaNet Symposium 2018

    We have yet again the honour of presenting 3 inspiring speakers: Dr. Steve Carstensen (sleep apnea), Dr. Mark Cronshaw (laser treatments), and Dr. Anas Aloum (prosthetics).

  • ons 19. jul 2017

    Airway health in the dental office

    Dr. Steve Carstensen is one of the speakers at DentaNet Symposium 2018 where he will talk about "Treating Obstructive Sleep Breathing". 

  • tors 7. sep 2017

    Minimal Invasion for Maximum Success - Dr. Ian Buckle & Dr. Dipesh Parmar

    Traditionally full mouth rehabilitation has involved invasive treatment protocols often utilising full coverage crowns. This can be destructive of tooth substance, expensive for the patient and when it fails it can fail with disastrous consequences. 

  • mån 14. aug 2017

    3STEP Academy - Dr. Francesca Vailati

    The most comprehensive additive training consists of 3 modules of 2 days each with different hand-on parts and time in between the modules.