• 3Shape – The Digital Journey II

    "3Shape - The Digital Journey II" is a 2 day course. Through the two days, you will participate in a number of great lectures and workshops:

    fre 23. aug 2019 till lör 24. aug 2019
    - Stockholm
  • Ambassadør-effekten

    Ambassadør-effekten omhandler patienter, som videregiver deres positive tandlægeoplevelser til venner, familie og bekendte. Derfor er ambassadør-effekten den billigste og mest effektive form for markedsføring...

  • Creating the High-Performance Practice

    When transitioning to a high-performance practice, one of the greatest challenges is the creation of an organized process from the time a patient first calls the practice to the delivery of optimum

    fre 25. okt 2019 till lör 26. okt 2019
    - Copenhagen
  • Dawson Academy – Aesthetic Foundations I – Restoring Anterior Teeth

    Core Curriculum for Dentists

    fre 21. feb 2020 till lör 22. feb 2020
    - Copenhagen
  • Dawson Academy – The Art and Science of Equilibration

    Core Curriculum for Dentists

    fre 4. okt 2019 till lör 5. okt 2019
    - Copenhagen
  • Dawson Academy – Treatment Planning Functional Aesthetic Excellence

    Core Curriculum for Dentists

    fre 14. jun 2019 till lör 15. jun 2019
    - Copenhagen
  • Effektiv Patientkommunikation

    På workshopen lär ni er att skapa tillit genom er patientkommunikation – non verbal samt verbal kommunikation – i alla stadier av ett tandläkarbesök, då tillit är grunden för ett fruktbart samarbete mellan patienten och teamet.

  • Essential orthodontic principles for dentists offering removable and fixed appliances

    This course is for the general dentist who wants to learn the essential orthodontic principles for removable and fixed orthodontics. Whether you have no or some experience with orthodontics, you are welcome.

    fre 26. apr 2019 - København
    fre 27. sep 2019 - Oslo
  • Hypnose i Tandlægepraksis

    Många patienter (>40%) är nervösa, lider av tandläkarskräck eller ångest. Tandläkarens kommunikationssätt kan antingen förstärka eller dämpa denna nervositet hos patienten.

  • IAS ClearSmile Brace - Hands-on Certification Course

    Get certified to correct malpositioned teeth with fixed appliances, ClearSmile Brace, and with the removable, transparant aligners: ClearSmile Aligner Light.

    fre 30. aug 2019 till lör 31. aug 2019
    - Oslo
    fre 18. okt 2019 till lör 19. okt 2019
    - Stockholm
    fre 22. nov 2019 till lör 23. nov 2019
    - København
  • IAS Inman Aligner - Hands-on Certification Course

    Get certified in the revolutionary Inman Aligner that can move teeth in the anterior region predictable and quickly using a single appliance.

    fre 10. maj 2019 - Oslo
    fre 25. okt 2019 - Copenhagen
  • IAS Ortho Restorative - Hands-on Course

    Orthodontics is one thing, understanding where to place and restore teeth for occlusion, function, and better aesthetics is another.

    fre 30. aug 2019 - Oslo
  • Inman / Clear Aligner IAS Update & Introduction Course

    This course is an update course for former Inman Aligner users, but also serves as an introduction to the IAS Academy and some of the appliances, including Inman and Clear Aligners.

    lör 7. sep 2019 - Stockholm
    lör 28. sep 2019 - Oslo
  • INTENSE I – Dr. Francesca Vailati

    tors 25. apr 2019 till lör 27. apr 2019
    - Veyrier-du-Lac (Annecy)
  • INTENSE II – Dr. Francesca Vailati

    tors 18. jul 2019 till lör 20. jul 2019
    - Veyrier-du-Lac (Annecy)
  • Restoring posterior teeth – A comprehensive approach – Dr. Jason Smithson

    We have the pleasure of Dr. Jason Smithson in November 2019. There will be a whole day of theory Friday and two different hands-on courses Saturday.


    fre 29. nov 2019 till lör 30. nov 2019
    - Reykjavik
  • Update in the biomimetic principles - including CAD/CAM - Dr. Pascal Magne

    Dr. Pascal Magne will make a comprehensive presentation of his latest research within the biomimetic principles putting an emphasis on CAD/CAM.

    fre 24. maj 2019 till lör 25. maj 2019
    - Stockholm Arlanda
  • Workshop i dental fotografering

    På workshoppen vil I lære det basale indenfor dental fotografering, så jeres klinik kommer godt i gang med kliniske fotos.