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Dr. Stephane Browet - Fractures - Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment - Hands-on Course

Friday 7th of March 2025 - 9.00-17.00

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel
Hammerichsgade 1
1611 København V

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Early Bird Course Delegate Fees
Before 1st of Oct:
Dentist Hands-on spot: 6.995 DKK / 865 €
Hygienist Spot: 3.495 DKK / 430 €

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About the course


The ”molar lifecycle” or the ”Circle of Death” whereby a small filling can eventually lead to loss of vitality or even extraction of a tooth is well known. Nevertheless, a clear strategy and guidelines on how to prevent this dramatic scenario to develop has not been proposed.

Thorough understanding of the bio-mechanical behaviour of teeth, both sound and restored, on a macro- and micro-level will allow us to come forward with effective measures to save teeth and be less aggressive in our treatment proposals. The importance of early diagnosis, healthy strategy, effective isolation and skilful execution will be evident in this presentation.

Content of the hands-on parts

The objective of this hands-on is to become highly effective in your diagnosis and treatment of cracked teeth. You will learn to use flowchart flashcards that help you in the decisive protocol to be used for these teeth. You will perform a direct composite cuspal coverage restoration and also bond two onlay restorations with two different bonding protocols. Specific attention will  go to the preparation, immediate dentin sealing (IDS), provisional phase.

You will learn:

  • Early diagnosis

  • Making the right decisions about cuspal coverage … where, when, how ?

  • Correct tooth preparation and prepping

  • Using the right materials for direct cuspal coverage

  • Using the correct bonding protocols for indirect restorations

  • How to communicate openly with the patient.

What others said about the hands-on course: 

"Browet gave an interesting and educational insight into the world of infractions. Many impressive clinical photos. Good clinical tips for direct adhesive technique. For me, these had a lot of practical relevance on a “connoisseur level” without getting too elaborate."

Haakon Andersen, Norway

"I have a lot of patients with large fillings at my dental clinic, so different types of cracks in the teeth are a part of everyday life. After the course by Stephane Browet, I have a more systematic approach. Diagnosis, documentation, and classification form the basis for how I should treat the tooth and inform the patient. The aim is to prevent and restore the tooth in a tissue-saving manner."

Solveig Skaar, Norway

Course programme

8.30 Light Breakfast / Registration

9.00 Course part 1

10.30 Break

11.00 Course part 2

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Course part 3

15.00 Break

15.30 Course part 4

17.00 End of Day


Course prices

Delegate fee

Dr. Stephane Browet - Fractures / Hands-on
Fri 7th of March 2025 - Copenhagen

Early Bird Course Delegate Fees
Dentist Hands-on spot: 6.995 DKK / 865 €
Hygienist Spot: 3.495 DKK / 430 €

Before 1st of Dec:
Dentist Hands-on Spot: 7.995 DKK / 1.065 €
Hygienist Spot: 3.995 DKK / 530 €

After 1st of Dec:
Dentist Hands-on Spot: DKK 8.495 DKK / 1.135 €
Hygienist Spot: 4.295 DKK / 570 €

DentaNet Members get 10% discount on the delegate fee

Networking dinner - Not available for this course



Hotel Single Room at Radisson Royal Collection Hotel

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1.695 DKK / 230€

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1.895 DKK / 255 € pr. night

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Course lecturer

Dr. Stephane Browet

Dr. Stephane Browet was born in 1972 in Asse, Belgium.

He finished dental school at the Free University of Brussels in 1995.

He there then followed the Post Graduate Program Aesthetic Dentistry. From 1999 on, he taught rubberdam techniques and adhesive dentistry. He combines nationally and internationally teaching in rubberdam isolation, microscope dentistry, posterior and anterior composites, indirect restorations with a private practice focused on microscope aided restorative dentistry.

From 2002 untill 2005, he was active in the Scientific Board Conservative Dentistry at the Institute for Continued Education of the Society of Flemisch dentists. He is also a past board member of the Belgian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, a past board member and member of the Academy of Microscope Dentistry, a member of the European Society of Microscope Dentistry, and an active member of the Bio-Emulation Group.

Dr. Stephane Browet
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