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Isolation / Rubberdam (kofferdam) - Hands-on Team Course - Dr. Stephane Browet - 20.11.2024

Wednesday 20 Nov 2024 - 9.00-17.00

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel
Hammerichsgade 1
1611 København V

Course price

Before 1st of Jun: 5.995 DKK / 800 €

Dental Nurses coming with their dentist is 1/2 the fee.

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5.8 / 6.0

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About the course

Since its introduction in 1864, the presumed use of rubberdam in multiple dental procedures has increased. Nevertheless, in daily practice the usage is not as widely spread as one would expect. There are many excuses not to use this simple means of isolation. The idea is simple; the practical execution is another story. The use of rubberdam requires that we, as dental professionals, plan our work efficiently and that we can communicate well with our patients. It is without any doubt mandatory to use rubberdam during endodontic procedures and adhesive pro- cedures. Furthermore, this course tells us what is possible if we ask ourselves the question: What if...

High-quality dentistry begins at the base of the pyramid. Join us for an exceptional experience where the foundation of quality treatment is taught in a fun and interactive way.

During the masterclass, numerous clinical examples will demonstrate how every isolation challenge can be addressed and categorized into one of the 4 main configurations. Step-by-step procedures explain the techniques. Tips and tricks are demonstrated in relation to restorative procedures. During the hands-on, all the procedures are practiced on phantom heads. Special isolations and combinations are also practiced. At the end of the hands-on, there will be a competition and the participants will challenge each other in “The Fast and the Furious” for the fastest isolation.

You can participate as a dentist on your own, but we very much urge you to bring your closest dental nurses (for half the fee) as much of the supra gingival procedures can be delegated to your staff saving you time and give a meaning extra skill to your dental nurse. You will work together with your nurse(s) at the same station.

Topics that will be addressed:

  • Obstacles

  • Materials: Dam, punch, forceps, and clamps.

  • Techniques

  • Positioning holes and punching holes

  • General application rules, placement, and pitfalls

  • Inversion

  • Ligatures

  • Add-ons like teflon tape and retraction chord

  • Strategy

  • 4 BASIC isolation configurations

  • Sequence flowchart

  • Endo-restorative continuum

  • Clinical challenges and examples

  • Extreme isolations

Hands-on sessions:

  • Step-by-step exercises on fixed phantom heads

  • Single tooth isolation anterior

  • Single tooth isolation posterior

  • Isolation of the cervical area

  • Quadrant isolation

  • Quadrant isolation with additional clamps

  • Anterior sextant isolation

  • Complex isolations and combinations

Course programme

8.30 Light Breakfast / Registration

9.00 Course part 1

10.30 Break

11.00 Course part 2

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Course part 3

15.00 Break

15.30 Course part 4

17.00 End of Day


Course prices

Delegate fee

Dr. Stephane Browet - Isolation Rubberdam Hands-on Team Course
Wed 20th of Nov 2024 - Copenhagen

Early Bird Course Delegate Fees
Before 1st of Jun: 5.995 DKK / 800 €
Before 1st of Sep: 6.995 DKK / 865 €
After 1st of Sep: 7.995 DKK / 1.065 €

Dental Nurses coming with their dentist is 1/2 the fee.

DentaNet Members get 10% discount on the delegate fee

Networking dinner - Not available for this course



Hotel Single Room at Radisson Royal Collection Hotel

Single room

1.695 DKK / 230€

Double room

1.895 DKK / 255 € pr. night

Thursday night

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Saturday night

No hotel room - thank you

0 DKK / 0 €

Course lecturer

Dr. Stephane Browet

Dr. Stephane Browet was born in 1972 in Asse, Belgium.

He finished dental school at the Free University of Brussels in 1995.

He there then followed the Post Graduate Program Aesthetic Dentistry. From 1999 on, he taught rubberdam techniques and adhesive dentistry. He combines nationally and internationally teaching in rubberdam isolation, microscope dentistry, posterior and anterior composites, indirect restorations with a private practice focused on microscope aided restorative dentistry.

From 2002 untill 2005, he was active in the Scientific Board Conservative Dentistry at the Institute for Continued Education of the Society of Flemisch dentists. He is also a past board member of the Belgian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, a past board member and member of the Academy of Microscope Dentistry, a member of the European Society of Microscope Dentistry, and an active member of the Bio-Emulation Group.

Dr. Stephane Browet
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