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Prof. M. Kern - Minimal Invasive Anterior (and posterior) Single Tooth Replacement / Hands-on

Friday 15 Nov 2024 - 9.00-17.00

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel
Hammerichsgade 1
1611 Copenhagen V

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7.495 DKK / 1.000 €

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About the course

This hands-on covers in depth the essential knowledge on the successful clinical application of minimal invasive all-ceramic RBFDPs which in many cases present an excellent and less costly treatment alternative to single implants or conventional FDPs.

Resin-bonded fixed dental prostheses - hands-on course

Resin-bonded fixed dental prostheses (RBFDPs, so-called Mary-land bridges) with two metal retainer wings have been introduced over 30 years ago for a minimal invasive replacement of missing teeth. However unfortunately due to various reasons metal-ceramic RBFDPs are not considered a comparable treatment modality to implants by most of the dentists.

Cantilevered RBFDPs with a single ceramic retainer wing were introduced 20 years ago. They provide better esthetics and are less invasive than two-retainer RBFDPs. In the meantime long-term data of this minimal invasive treatment option are available. Similar concepts are now also implemented for the replacement of posterior teeth: premolars often can be replaced with resin-bonded cantilevers while of molar replacement with modified inlay-re-tainers show a promising medium-term outcome.

However, it is a prerequisite that the dentist has a good under-standing about indications, materials properties and the clinical procedures including specific bonding techniques.

During this hands-on workshop you will learn:

  • The indications and contraindications for single retainer zirconia ceramic RBFDPs.

  • The materials and laboratory procedures used for single retainer all-ceramic RBFDPs.

  • How to bond long-term successfully to zirconia ceramic.

  • The clinical procedures to successfully use single retainer all-ceramic RBFDPs. 

Hands-on training parts:

  • Tooth preparation

  • Fabrication of a RBFDP (resin)

  • Conditioning and bonding of a RBFDP (simulation)

Course programme

8.30 Light Breakfast / Registration

9.00 Course part 1

10.30 Break

11.00 Course part 2

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Course part 3

15.00 Break

15.30 Course part 4

17.30 End of Day


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Prof. M. Kern - Minimal Invasive Anterior (and posterior) Single Tooth Replacement / Hands-on
Fri 15th of Nov 2024

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Before 1st of July: 7.495 DKK
Before 1st of Oct: 8.495 DKK
After 1st of Oct: 8.995 DKK

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Course lecturer

Prof. Matthias Kern

Matthias Kern graduated 1985 in Dentistry from Albert-Ludwigs University at Freiburg, Germany.

He was Assistant Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics in Freiburg, from 1985-1991 and from 1994-1997. From 1992-1993 he was Visiting Research Associate Professor at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Since 1997 he is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Prosthodontics, Propaedeutics and Dental Materials at the Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany.

Matthias Kern is currently the President of the German Association for Prosthetic Dentistry and Biomaterials and serves in the Editorial Board of various peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Prof. Matthias Kern
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