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Innovative kvalitetsdentalprodukter fra Tyskland til tandlægeklinikker.

Tæt samarbejdespartner ved diverse kurser omkring levering af know-how og materiale.



DMG: Dental Milestones Guaranteed

Whether it's for accurate impressions or reliable temporary and permanent care: For more than five decades now DMG has been committed to making dentists’ daily work easier – with innovative dental materials made in Germany, including successful brand products such as Luxatemp, LuxaCore, Honigum or Icon. Today, dentists in more than 90 countries rely on the highly awarded DMG quality.

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Product information

LuxaTemp Star
- Fabricating the temporary

Luxatemp is an internationally successful bis-acrylate material for temporary crowns and bridges. The material is particularly easy to process, and is also suitable for esthetic long-term temporaries.

Luxatemp has been named the top product among provisional materials on numerous occasions thanks to its precision fit, stability and esthetics.

As well as offering greater initial hardness, the latest generation ‒ Luxatemp Star ‒ sets new benchmarks in break resistance and flexural strength, thus ensuring even greater stability and durability. Moreover, Luxatemp Star achieves its final hardness even more quickly than its predecessor: in just 5 minutes.

With its natural fluorescence, Luxatemp Star offers convincing esthetics, regardless of ambient lighting. In comparison to the proven Luxatemp-Fluorescence product, it was possible to further improve long-term color stability.

- Long-lasting crowns made easy

The new LuxaCrown allows for the simple, quick and cost-effective manufacture of long-lasting crowns – directly chairside. The result is an incredible precision-fit, an esthetic and long-lasting restoration: These can be worn for up to 5 years.

LuxaCrown is very hard and resistant. In addition to excellent flexural strength, the material also possesses outstanding fracture toughness (>2MPa*m0,5). This ensures long-term stability of semi-permanent restorations.

Its unique indication as a semi-permanent crown and bridge material with outstanding wear allows for a wide range of indications.

LuxaCrown can be used to protect the remaining tooth as well as to restore the anatomical form or the masticatory function. The material is also particularly advisable if a long-term observation of the treatment success is necessary, when bridging the gap for healing phases and in difficult restoration situations.

Honigum Pro
- For real impression masterpieces.

Honigum Pro is exceptionally stable and “stays where you place it”. This feature allows the material to remain in the impression site without slumping. Under pressure – for example when applying the impression tray – the viscosity characteristics change significantly:  Honigum Pro flows superbly into the smallest, narrow spaces, e.g. into the area beneath the preparation line. This ensures a precise reproduction of all critical areas.

This is made possible by a DMG-patented chemistry known as the "rheologically active matrix".

Thus, Honigum succeeds in possessing opposite properties- flowability and stability- with its dynamic viscosity. 

Another advantage is the Snap-Set technology. It simultaneously ensures a convenient working time and short time in mouth. Meaning: Less stress for the dentist, greater comfort for the patient.

Moreover, Honigum Pro is especially suitable for use in implantology. Thanks to the high final hardness, particularly with Honigum Pro Heavy, impression posts and transfer copings can be reliably secured.


Kontakt information

DMG Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH

Elbgaustraße 248

22547 Hamburg


+49 40 840060

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