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New DentaNet Website launched!

Surf on over and experience the upgraded DentaNet website today.

If you've been cruising our website lately and thought, "Whoa, this looks different," you're spot on! We've given our website a total makeover, and it's better than ever. We've transferred all the awesome stuff from our old site and supercharged it with some fresh new features. So, grab your virtual board and ride the waves of our new universe!

Check out our revamped website and discover your current and future favorite courses. We can't wait to see you on the delegate list, ready to join in on the excitement!

See you there!

“This is just the first version of our new DentaNet Website, and we are already highly excited. We will add features like videos, extended user accounts, documents for courses and much more as soon we have all the basic stuff sorted”, - Peter Gerdes, CEO DentaNet


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