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DentaNet proudly presents AI in Dentistry Symposium – The first of its kind in Europe!

AI in Dentistry is already here and it is delivering huge benefits to dental practices, but it also comes with a lot of changes and opportunities.


During our 2-day symposium we provide a comprehensive overview of AI in Dentistry in dental practices and you will gain a comprehensive overview of various areas from 10 leading experts worldwide.

Through the lectures you will get insigths into the current applications of AI in use in dentistry today and where AI is anticipated in various workflows within the next year.

Moreover, this symposium is the first of its kind in Europe, offering a unique opportunity to be part of the emerging field of AI in dentistry.


Seize this opportunity to get an overview and be part of the emerging field of AI in dentistry whether you are in a dental office, a management DSO team, a product or service provider or a university. AI will affect everyone.


The two-day program is divided into three main topics:

  • Fundamentals on AI in Dentistry

  • Advanced Dental AI Applications

  • AI in Dental Business Management and Strategy


Each presentation will address the following:

  • What can you use AI for right now?

  • What do we expect to use AI for in dentistry, in a year's time?


Among our speakers are leading experts in AI and dentistry, presenting the latest advancements in AI technology and discussing how these can enhance diagnostics, treatment, and the patient experience. The entire event will be conducted in English.

Whether you are new or experienced in AI, this symposium will provide valuable insights and inspiration for implementing artificial intelligence in your dental practice or in broader dental professional organizations.

Participate Onsite or Online

Participants can choose whether to join ONSITE or ONLINE, as the entire event and individual presentations will be live-streamed. We anticipate a diverse audience from across all of Europe.

If you are a full clinic or part (>10 delegates) of a bigger dental organization reach out to me and hear more about our group packages.

Early bird prices and dates are available on March 15 (Onsite), May 1 (Onsite and Online), and 

June 1 (Onsite and Online).


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