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Dr. Ian Buckle Essential Dentistry Seminar Tour in Scandinavia

The 1-day Essential Dentistry Seminar has been created to serve as an introductory course

and will walk you through all 3 Essential Courses giving you an overview of how

each module builds on the previous one to create a complete philosophy of care.

For years The Essential Course hands-on program has been held over 3 modules with 2 course days for each with lots of success and great feedback.

The cornerstone of the essentials series is the concept of complete dentistry which encourages an understanding of how to create beautiful, appropriate smiles for each patient whilst maintaining health and function. The concept of complete dentistry involves an understanding of teeth, periodontal condition, tissues, airway, smiles, occlusion and the masticatory system.

However, we understand that it takes considerable time, effort and money for you to commit 6 days away from your practice and family to take our Essentials courses and you want to ensure that your investment will be rewarded.

Therefore we are now presenting the 1-day Essential Dentistry Seminar created to serve as an introductory course and will walk you through all 3 Essential Courses giving you an overview of how each module builds on the previous one to create a complete philosophy of care.

It also serves as great foundational knowledge and excellent preparation for the Essential course series. For those who has already taken former “analogue” courses with Dr. Ian Buckle in the UK or the Essential Course Series itself, the 1 day Essential Dentistry Seminar will serve you as a good refresher.

The day will be mainly theory but will also demonstrate the hands on elements that you will learn in the hands on courses. We will also demonstrate how digital workflows enable patient engagement and enhance treatment planning processes by scanning, planning and placing an additive mock up (trial smile) on a live patient .If in general you are also aiming to learn how to do a complete workflow and include a lot of the new digital solutions available this is also a go-to-course that will hopefully inspire you beyond your expectations.

“Occlusion touches everything we do.” - Dr. Ian Buckle

About the Essential Course Series

The basis of complete dentistry is the complete examination to discover the wants and needs of the patient. This includes not only examining teeth, gums and tissues to ensure biological health is maintained, but also how to examine the airway, masticatory system (including temperomandibular joints, muscles and occlusion) and smile to establish function and aesthetics. The appropriate records needed to study each case will be discussed including photographs, scans (or impressions) and how to record the inter arch relationship whilst starting from a stable condylar position (centric relation). Deprogramming and splints to stabilise the occlusion and aid in achieving a stable condylar position will also be discussed.

All of this information is covered in ESSENTIAL COURSE 1: EXAMINATION, RECORDS

In ESSENTIAL COURSE 2: PREDICTABLE TREATMENT PLANNING we will discover how to utilise the data gathered during the complete examination to develop an appropriate treatment plan for each patient from the simple to the more complex. A step by step process will be described to ensure nothing is missed. The four treatment options of Reshaping (equilibration), Repositioning (orthodontics), Restoration (including implants) and Repositioning bone (surgery) will all be discussed and when to use them illustrated. Patient communication and engagement will also be covered.

ESSENTIAL COURSE 3 : RESTORATIVE AND AESTHETIC PRINCIPLES focusses on how to execute your treatment plans with a particular focus on restorative aspects and smile design. You will discover how to carry out a full mouth rehabilitation minimally and efficiently first of all in provisional restorations to ensure function and aesthetics are established then progressing to the final restorations. Adhesive and traditional tooth preparation will be demonstrated together with materials selection, composite techniques (e.g. injection moulding) and the principles of adhesive cementation.


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